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The College of Podiatry’s Stamp of Approval

Following the launch of their brand new Careers in Podiatry website, the College of Podiatry’s Undergraduate Education Officer, Alison Hart, had some very positive feedback to share with Blacksmith.

Thank you for your hospitality on Tuesday – I thought it was a really positive day.  I have sent an email out to our schools and staff at the SCP to have a look at the website and the feedback has been great.  Everyone who’s emailed me has loved it and most importantly, Andy our web guy really likes it!! So please pass on my thanks to everyone at Blacksmith, another fantastic job done!

Really excited about the new projects for next year and also the walking infographic/motion graphic for this year. Tell Jason we are definitely thinking about ways in which we can animate Professor Pod for next year!

Blacksmith has been working closely with the College of Podiatry on a number of projects this year, including the creation of a bespoke motion graphics project which is currently underway! Check back on our blog soon – we look forward to sharing it with you!

Check out the Careers in Podiatry website here.

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