Earnshaws Fencing Centres

15 years of evolution

Earnshaws Fencing Centres

15 years of evolution

Our relationship with Earnshaws dates back at least 15 years. Working closely with Daniel Earnshaw, a descendant of the original founder, Job Earnshaw we have carefully refined the brand and their proposition to respond to changing consumer habits, and helped to manage the transition to digital marketing.

With three impressive centres offering a broad range of timber garden and landscaping products, displayed in welcoming rural settings which encourage browsing, the business places great emphasis on quality, value, sustainability and service.

As soon as the Autumn leaves began to turn brown each year, marking the end of their main selling season, we begin to work closely with Earnshaws to propose and design the priorities for the start of their next season. Encompassing everything from press and radio advertising to branding and point-of-sale, through to web development and e shots, we work on both strategy and implementation.

A new website design has been developed carefully considering user experience, hierarchy of products, offers and key content. The site is fully responsive, e commerce ready, with full CMS and uses AMP pages for almost instantaneous loading on mobile devices.

We continue to write and upload the news content, social media content and improve the effectiveness of the on-page SEO, providing monthly analytics. We also manage ‘secret shopping’ and assist in training staff on customer service.

The relationship is a highly satisfying example of the advantages that close working partnerships can deliver.

View Earnshaw’s website here.



How to use video for engagement

Websites that become knowledge centres are highly valued by visitors.

So the creation of content that adds value and provides a real benefit to customers is a vital step towards getting brand engagement through content marketing.

We are working closely with Earnshaws Fencing Centres to ensure that content is developed that will achieve this elusive and subtle dimension.

These videos are the beginning of the process – beware of earworms!



Develop loyalty through e-marketing

Creating a host of online content, including eShots, news and a social media strategy, to inspire loyalty from new and existing customers.

Twice monthly e-shots are designed to engage EFC loyalty card holders. A strict content strategy has been agreed for Facebook, news content and e-shots.

Each medium receiving overlapping content, delivered in a different tone of voice. Written, designed and managed by Blacksmith, all loyalty card holders receive a fortnightly mix of news, tips, information and current offers. Analytics are then run to check the impact.



Video production

Each of Earnshaws Fencing Centres locations has a different feel. We have completely re-shot and edited the videos to capture the unique shopping experience on offer.

Music and titles were then added to the final edit.

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