Logo Redesign and Website Refresh


Our working relationship with UK Leisure Parks began in March 2018, when they took over control of Willowgrove Leisure Park on the Fylde Coast, formerly owned by our client Barton Park Estates. Blacksmith were invited to make a pitch for a complete rebrand and new ground-up web build, to be used across their nine leisure parks.


Since then, we have worked on a huge variety of projects for UK Leisure Parks, including press ads, signage, exhibitions, CGI, video, print, PR, and social media and news updates.



Regular press campaigns for UK Leisure Parks focus on their Open Weekend Season. Designed to drive traffic to each Open Weekend these press ads are a proven way to bring in visitors and boost sales.


These adverts are printed in the Manchester Evening News and LocalIQ networks across the Northwest.


See more UK Leisure Parks press ads below.



We advised UK Leisure Parks that an image refresh would enhance their position in the market.


Rather than undertaking another complete overhaul of the existing design, the focus was on enacting subtle and effective changes to the company’s identity and website.


The new branding reflects their increasingly upmarket offering of luxurious gated communities.


You can view the new UK Leisure Parks website here.

Logo Design


The logo was revised to incorporate the colour blue and a cleaner font.


In keeping with these logo changes, the same deep blue colour was integrated into the website, including header images and text blocks.


This minor evolution proved to have a drastic impact on the overall look and gravitas of both the website and the logo.


generated images

To promote their newest park development, we produced a CGI rendering for use on UK Leisure Parks’ website and social media.


Oakwood Crescent is an extension of their existing Glenfield Park in Pilling and will consist of just nine homes.


Photoshopped to appear in its real location, the CGI rendering shows typical homes that will be available at the park, and includes small details, such as vintage streetlamps, flowers and cars.

video production


The value of a few words of approval from an existing home owner is invaluable in helping to seal a deal.


With this in mind we set about three gruelling days of interviews and filming in Lancashire with a view to getting spontaneous video testimonials. The results speak for themselves – quite literally.