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One Night – Two Awards!

A cracking night for Joice and Hill!

There was joy and relief all round as Joice and Hill scooped two awards in one night at the prestigious, if not glittering, National Egg & Poultry Awards in London.

Joy on the part of Joice and Hill, and relief on the part of Neil who had persuaded them to enter in the first place!

The National Egg & Poultry Awards is an annual event which recognises excellence and innovation in the egg and poultry sectors.

Anna Healy, hatchery manager at Joice and Hill, won the “Unit Manager of Year” and Nick Bailey accepted the award for “Hatchery of the Year”.

The awards were presented by BBC’s sports presenter, Hazel Irvine, who cracked a succession of egg based puns, much to everyone’s amusement. The best one being a reference to Joice and Hill’s double yoker!

Eggsellent work all round.

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