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Neil’s On Wheels – Again!

Don’t panic – this is not a call for sponsorship. However, Neil is off on another major cycling adventure.

This time our very own MAMIL is cycling from Lyon to Reims. Both of which are in France but separated by approximately 300 miles.

Asked why he would do such a thing, so soon after the Geneva to Milan epic, he replied: “Like so many things in life – it seemed a good idea at the time”.

Given that the route takes in most of Burgundy and Champagne there will be many challenges ahead. However, in attempt to train for the gruelling event, Neil is already getting used to a tough regime of snails, truffles and garlic.

The trip will also provide an opportunity for Neil to do some research for client FDYL, on how the French feel about our forthcoming referendum. Which in turn means the whole thing can be put on expenses – and if HMRC are reading this – that’s a joke!

And if HMRC are really reading this, a joke is an amusing story or quip designed to make people laugh.

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