Marketing in the Age of a Pandemic

Posted on April 16, 2020

Most businesses are still reeling from shock at the impact this crisis has had on them. These are truly unprecedented times, the like of which have never been seen before!

What and when to communicate is a complex challenge.

From the moment this epidemic began to dominate the news, we advised clients to focus on two key messages

  1. What steps they were taking to protect staff and customers.

  2. What level of continuity they were hoping to offer, what changes to normal service customers might expect, and how they would communicate updates.

We felt sure that how businesses communicated through the crisis would affect their reputation afterwards. And so it came to pass that Sports Direct came unstuck on that one.

It is crystal clear that the survival instinct runs deep in business people. Already, despite the lock down, there are emails dropping into inboxes as businesses look to ensure they are part of the fight back.

In this crisis there will be a tipping point when your clients and customers become weary of hearing that you are battling on from home, taking all precautions and are there to help. Eventually, as people get over the shock of all this, and every conceivable task and chore has been done, they will begin to think about the future. How to adapt your offer and messaging in a world recovering from the virus, or possibly living with it, will be a delicate and challenging task.

The timing, tone and content of these communications will require imagination and sensitivity. When you judge the time to be right, we will be here for you, working from home, battling on and taking all precautions!

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