Identity Refresh and Website Upgrade for UK Leisure Parks

Posted on June 23, 2021

A subtle identity refresh and website upgrade for UK Leisure Parks, to reflect the increasingly premium portfolio of gated communities throughout the North West.

Our working relationship with UK Leisure Parks began in March 2018, with a major rebrand and ground-up website build.

Fast-forward to January 2021 and we advised them that an image refresh would enhance their positioning in the marketplace. This time, the focus would be on carrying out a subtle, yet highly effective, refinement of their company identity and a gentle revamp of the website, to ensure their branding accurately reflected their increasingly upmarket park home offering.

To achieve this, we reworked their logo, so that it was comprised of a cleaner font, a more balanced version of the main graphic, and incorporated a deep blue colour.

In keeping with the new logo, the colour blue was assimilated into existing aspects of the website, including header images and text blocks. This seemingly simple change proved to have a drastic impact on the overall look and gravitas of both the website and the logo.

Upon seeing these alterations for the first time, Thomas McCarthy, Director of UK Leisure Parks, said:

“Just had a quick look, it does indeed look more refined!”

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