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Home Goals !

For a few moments last night, it looked like Japan were going to deliver the biggest shock of the World Cup 2018 so far. Yes, bigger even than Germany losing to South Korea. Sadly, for anyone who routinely supports the underdogs, or indeed teams that eat dogs, Belgium scored a brilliant and crushing goal in the 93rd minute, to go through. A shame.

Watching great, and often cocky teams, crash out of WC18, has been like watching establishment candidates fall by the wayside in elections across the globe. Italy, France, Mexico and the USA have all had shocks recently and Merkel seems set to follow the example of her football team shortly. By the time our victorious team, led by Harry of Kane, return to the UK it is odds on that our very own, Brexit weary Government, and its illustrious centre-right talisman May, will have fallen too, having scored a massive home goal – namely Brexit.

Come on Engerland !

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