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Goodbye Yellow Pages

Neil Smith bids a not particularly fond farewell to Yellow Pages.

The institution that was once Yellow Pages is about to vanish forever. Seen off by online competitors, the one-time Google of its day has been in decline for years. Just how it survived alongside Thompson Local, or vica-versa, was always a mystery to me, but some of the ad campaigns were classics, the JR Hartley ad being a moving masterpiece.

However, the Yellow Pages had a dark side. Anyone who worked in the advertising business will recall their insistence on booking years in advance, the labrythine, proofing processes and the legendary lack of cooperation. Not to mention their refusal to grant commission to ad agencies. So, I for one won’t miss them. I am delighted that several million trees are now safe and that I don’t have to go through the ritual of binning each year’s edition, still in its wrapper!

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