Branding for Olive Eggs – The Greener Choice!

Posted on August 8, 2022

The egg market is evolving, so new, niche brands which offer subtle points of difference, frequently based on egg colour, require equally nuanced branding!

Chickens that produce eggs with olive-coloured shells are developed by mating a male from a pure breed that lays blue eggs with a pure breed female that lays dark brown eggs, such as Marans.

The exact shade of olive is determined by how dark blue the shell is and how dark brown the overlying brown pigment is.

Stunning olive layers

The stunning olive layers bred by Hendrix Genetics are perfect for backyard and small producers seeking a highly distinctive, natural product.

Hardy, friendly and handsome, olive egg layers are ideal for small producers seeking a productive and reliable backyard layer with a unique and intriguing shell colour.

Here is the logo and branding that we designed for Hendrix Genetics’ olive egg layers, which we then utilised to create their product leaflet.

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