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Wot? A New Brand Identity for Wot a Pullet?

With a quirky name and an excellent reputation, Wot a Pullet aims to target independently minded egg producers!

Their new logo reflects the innovative nature of this forward looking rearer – and captures the spirit of their people perfectly.

It is just the tip of the iceberg, as Wot a Pullet rebrand and reposition themselves to confidently tackle the challenges of the upcoming years.

Managing Director of Blacksmith, Neil Smith, said: “The branding was designed specifically to draw attention to what makes Wot a Pullet different. They now have a brave new identity which works alongside their longstanding and well recognised ‘gold standard’ strap line.

“We are now cracking on with implementing Wot a Pullet’s brand-new identity and roll out across their print and digital projects, including exhibition panels for the upcoming Pig and Poultry Show.”

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