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Blacksmith House is Safe and Secure

Blacksmith House was burgled two weeks ago, but thanks to the wonders of The Cloud, Dropbox and a very cooperative insurance company, we were back up and running in no time.

Blacksmith's Steel Door

We thought the office was like Fort Knox, but unfortunately, despite the proximity of a main road and residential housing, we were not as secure as we first thought. In the early hours of Tuesday 05th January, thieves destroyed a security blind and smashed through a door. Several desktop computers and valuable photography equipment was stolen. Sadly, Neil, who has single-handedly apprehended burglars in the past, was fast asleep at home!

We have now re-equipped with laptops which will be taken off site every night – even so, we are determined to protect the building from intruders desperate to steal paperclips and copier paper. Our top of the range security alarm system will immediately ring out to the police at any sign of an intruder. Our brand new CCTV system will add an extra level of security to our building, and we are also fitting highly secure steel doors with multiple locking points.

Finally, Neil is preparing to sleep in the office – now that’s what you call a deterrent!

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