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Best Loved Buzzwords

Here at Blacksmith, we do our level best to keep our advice and communications jargon free, and we go to the ends of the Earth to avoid clichés.

Jargon is itself an old-fashioned term, whose exponents are frequently golfers, in late middle-age, who gather with other internet deniers, at the nineteenth, to get cross about mobile phones and discuss their favourite car polish.

On the internet, which some people claim is different to the World Wide Web, jargon is called ‘buzzwords’. Without a working knowledge of such buzzwords, it’s quite hard to discuss online marketing. For that reason, we are happy to share a link to an ‘infographic’ below, itself buzzword number 30, to enlighten all our clients and enable a meaningful dialogue.

It is our ambition to coin a buzzword ourselves, and our first effort is ‘PaShif’. This is short for ‘Paradigm Shift Marketing’. It describes the process of confusing the client about which variables and which criteria, if any, are to be used in assessing the success of a campaign. It is used to head off unwelcome discussions around buzzwords 4 and 18, ROI and KPI. Here is an example:

Client – “Can you provide some attribution data for this campaign?”

Digital Marketeer – “No, that sort of metric isn’t really available for PaShif marketing.”

Attribution and metric are in no way buzzwords, by the way.

The alternative is ‘CoFo’, which is short for ‘Continuum Focused Marketing’. A concept that we use to explore exactly what progress, along an imaginary continuum, a certain piece of marketing will achieve. We really do.

Below is a link to 30 buzzwords, which may make your blood boil, or you may find useful. Either way, you won’t hear us talking about ‘ideation’ any time soon. Of that, you can be sure.

30 buzzwords in digital marketing.

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