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Accelerated Mobile Pages – AMP for Short!

Even conservative estimates indicate that mobile devices now generate over 50% of internet traffic. At the same time, figures suggest that users will abandon pages that fail to load in less than ten seconds, and that 60% will not return to the site.

Unfortunately, waiting for content rich pages to load on a mobile is all too frequently a frustrating process. The Accelerated Mobile Pages project was set up to overcome this problem and ‘amped pages’ are now a reality.

Amped pages open instantly on mobile devices and it is considered that Google rewards these pages with better rankings, and a special AMP lightning bolt icon on the search engine results page – so users can choose the pages they know will load quickly.

You can find out more at the AMP project, or you can test the process on your mobile by following these steps. Search “infographic design Huddersfield” in Google using your mobile phone. You will see the Blacksmith result high up on the first page, proudly displaying the AMP symbol. Hit the link and prepare to be amazed.

We will be offering all our clients the chance to take advantage of ‘amped pages’ as part of our commitment to the highest standards of on page SEO.

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