Does your water contain fluoride?

We do not add fluoride and never will.

Like most natural waters, a tiny amount of fluoride is present in our sources. This measures out at less than 0.5 mg per litre.

Is your water from a groundwater source and where is it drawn from?


The Shepley Spring source is located in Shepley, a picturesque village close to the Peak District National Park.

Is it hard water? Will it leave scale in my kettle?


Our water source has a high mineral content. This will precipitate if the water is either boiled or frozen and can leave residue.

Why does your bottled water have a shelf life?

Once the water is taken from the ground and exposed to air and light, it can then start to lose its freshness.

Our bottles are made of PET which is microporous and allows air into the bottles. We therefore put a Best Before End code on every bottle.

Are your bottles recyclable?


Our PET bottles and the HDPE caps are all recyclable.

Will you sponsor us or donate free water?

We have designated charities and events that we support and donate over 200,000 bottles per annum.

We get hundreds of requests a year and are unfortunately unable to deal with them all.

I would like to become a supplier to Shepley Spring.

Please contact reception or mail some literature through, clearly marking which department is suitable.